What to expect


All new patients are seen for an initial 30 minute assessment appointment and this also includes your treatment.


During the consultation we will take your medical history, and undertake a simple physical assessment to check the circulation in your feet by checking your foot pulses and also to check the sensations in your feet but don't worry it is not painful or uncomfortable.


What we treat
  • Routine Treatment / Foot Care

  • Involuted Nails

  • Ingrowing Nails

  • Thickened Nails / Fungal Nails

  • Nail Surgery

  • Biomechanical Assessments

  • Podopaediatrics

  • Insoles and custom orthoses

  • Diabetic Footcare and Management

  • Home Visits








  • Callous / Hard Skin / Dry, Cracked Fissured Heels

  • Corns

  • Simple Nail Cutting

  • Verrucae

  • Athletes foot / Tinea Pedis

  • Blisters

  • Heel Pain / Foot Pain

  • Childrens flat feet, pidgeon-toes, curly toes

  • Footcare and Footwear Advice

     Routine Foot Care

Book an appointment for your podiatrist to remove callous or hard skin, corns, treat cracked and fissured heels.


Involuted, thickened and fungal nails can also be treated.


Footcare and footwear advice is also given to try and help you manage your feet.

  Simple Nail Cutting

If you just want your toenails cutting or you are diabetic or you are on anti-coagulants such as warfarin, this is the perfect solution for you.


Have your toenails cut by a professional at an affordable price.


Fingernails are also cut upon request for any patient who has difficulty managing their fingernails.


Please note that this treatment is only available following an initial foot assessment to ensure that you receive a foot health check and are suitable for this treatment.

Involuted nail      Ingrowing toenail

Sometimes toenails can curve in (known as involution) or ingrow (known as onychocryptosis) causing pain and discomfort. Involuted nails dig into the sulci (the grooves to the side of the nail), whilst ingrowing toenails normally puncture the skin at the side or apex of the toe. Both involuted and Ingrowing toenails can be excruciatingly painful, and impair your mobility and acticities.




Verrucae otherwise known as warts, are common foot problems amongst children and adults and can be painful.


Verrucae have a variable outcome, most used to spontaneously resolve with little or no treatment in a few months through stimulation of the bodies immune system.In recent years the virus seems to be more resistant (as all viruses seem to be) and over the counter treatments do not appear to work as well.


Treament options available are chemical therapy and cryotherapy.



Biomechanical Assessment


To assess biomechanics is to analyse and assess the forces and effects on anatomic structures such as bones,

muscles, tendons and ligaments.














We can see how you walk or run and whether any abnormal joint movement or muscle imbalance is causing your

symptoms of foot or leg pain or the development of corns, callous.


Sarah has many years experience dealing with biomechanics and in assessing childrens gait/ developement or podopaediatrics.  


Not everybody needs an insole or orthotic to control foot

function or accomodate painful areas. Sometimes stretches,

exercises, taping, footwear and lifestyle modifications are all that is needed.











Biomechanical Assessment and insoles